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Altınyayla Stele

The stele was found in a cemetery near Altınyayla town of Sivas province. It is about 1.86 meter high and 0.86 meter wide. It shows a god standing on a deer, which represents the Stag-god Kuruntiya/Runtiya. The deer appear to be standing on mountain like carvings. The god has a bow on the right shoulder and in his extended left hand he is holding antlers (the Hieroglyphic Luwian sign of this god). He is wearing a typical Hittite style short tunic, pointy shoes and a pointy hat (although top of the hat is damaged). In front of the god, in the much more worn out right section of the stele is a large male figure, unusually almost as tall as the deer and god combined. It is shown pouring libation to the god. Some clothing and even facial details are still visible. The block may have originated from the nearby Hittite city Sarissa (Kuşaklı). Hawkins suggests the deity to be identified as the Stag-god of the city of Sarissa standing on his sacred mountain (Mt. Sarissa), both of which are mentioned in Hittite festival texts. He also dates the monument to Tudhaliya IV. According to Müller-Karpe, the sacred mountain should be identified with modern day Mt. Karatonus, at the foot of which is situated the city of Sarissa. The stele is currently in the Sivas Museum.

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