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Cebelireis Dağı Inscription

The stone block appears to be a part of a prism shaped monument. It was found in 1980 by James Russell and Mustafa Gürdal on Mt. Cebelireis (aka Cebel Ires) in a secondary context within the ruins of the Roman era city Laertes. The inscription is the only pre-Roman era item found at the site. On the preserved section of the block there are a total of 12 lines of Phoenician inscription, 9 on the two sides and 3 on the top side. It appears to be a judicial text that describes the exchange and settlement of ownership of certain lands between several individuals. Text also mentions the intervention of a King Warika (WRYK) in the dispute. A king named Warika (albeit with the Phoenician spelling WRK) is also known from Çineköy and İncirli inscriptions, although paleographically Cebelireis inscription dates to the second half of the 7th century, thus about a century after the Çineköy and İncirli. However, king Warika of this inscription may still be a namesake descendant. Furthermore, several of the names mentioned in the text are recognized as Luwian in origin testifying to the continuity of this culture. The limestone block is about 54 cm in width, 31 cm in height, and 17 cm in depth, and it is on display in the Alanya Museum.

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Cebelireis Inscription - T. Bilgin, 2019 Cebelireis, side A - T. Bilgin, 2019 Cebelireis, side B - T. Bilgin, 2019 Cebelireis, sice C - T. Bilgin, 2019

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Tayfun Bilgin, 2019.