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Delihasanlı Stele of Tudhaliya IV

The partially preserved limestone stele was found in 1995 built into the wall of a house in the village of Delihasanlı which lies about 10 km to the southwest of Boğazköy, and it is suspected that the stele originated from Soğukpınar about 2 km to the northeast where similar type rock blocks exist. In its present form the stele is about 1 meter high and 0.5 meter wide. It has a 3-line inscription, second of which is comprised of the aedicula of Tudhaliya IV ("The Sun, Great King, Labarna, Tudhaliya") and the inscription is apparently a dedication to the Tutelary deity (the Stag-God), whose name is restored on the first line. Stele is currently in Boğazköy Museum.

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