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Erzin Stele

Basalt stele was found in 1987 by O. Günay in his field at the Yurtlak locality which lies a few km west of Erzin in Hatay province. The stele is broken in half in the middle. It has an tenon extension at the bottom that indicates it had been erected on a base. Along with the tenon it is 0.96 m in height, 0.46 m in width and 0.16 m in thickness. The highly abraded relief on the front face depicts the Storm-god in a typical pose standing on a bull with a double-headed axe in the right hand and a lightning symbol on the left. Different from the usual depictions, in his left hand he also holds a snake by the neck. The body of the snake circles around the god with its tail curling upwards on the left. The scene is likely a depiction of the Storm-god's fight with a serpent, a motif known from both Anatolian and Syrian myths. Above the Storm-god is a partly damaged winged sun-disc symbol. The stele has beend ated to sometime between 9th and 8th centuries BCE. It is on display in Hatay Museum.

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Erzin Stele - B. Bilgin, 2015 Drawing of the stele - Ensert, et al., 2008

Ensert, K., A. Görmüş and K. Demet. "The Stele of Erzin," Adalya XI, 2008: 35–46.

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