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The basalt stele was found in secondary context near the Çapalı village south of Gaziantep and was moved to the Gaziantep Museum in 1946. It depicts a dining scene which is commonly encountered in Neo-Hittite funerary steles. Due to erosion details of the relief is no longer visible. The seated male figure on the left holds a drinking cup. In front of him is a table and a person waving a palm(?) leaf. The preserved section of the stele is 85 cm in height and 78 cm in width. It is dated to around 850-750 BCE. The stele is currently on display the Gaziantep Archaeology Museum.

Photo of the Çapalı stele taken by B. Bilgin in 2009 Photo of the Çapalı stele taken by T. Bilgin in 2019

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Image sources:
Bora Bilgin, 2009.
Tayfun Bilgin, 2019.