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The basalt orthostat is 104 cm in height, 76 cm in width and 35 cm in thickness. It shows the relief of two male figures walking toward the left and carrying baskets in their right hand and bags on their should held with their left hand. It must have been a part of a monumental structure with multiple orthostats that depicted a series of ceremonial tribute bearers. The museum label indicates that the orthostat comes from Merdanlı (now Kocabeyli) village in province of Kilis. However on account of its similarities in size and style to the tribute bearer orthostats found in Arslan Tash an origin from that site may be suspected. A date in the 8th century BCE is suggested. It is on display in the Gaziantep Archaeology Museum.

Photo of the Merdanlı stele taken by B. Bilgin in 2009 Photo of the Merdanlı stele taken by T. Bilgin in 2019

Balcıoğlu, B. Gaziantep Arkeoloji Müzesi Geç Hitit Dönemi Taş Eserleri, Gaziantep, 2009: 29.

Image sources:
Bora Bilgin, 2009.
Tayfun Bilgin, 2019.