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Orthostat with a mythological theme

The limestone orthostat was found in the vicinity of Gaziantep. It is 86 cm in height, 94 cm in width and 70 cm in thickness. The head section of the figure in the relief is broken and the lower section of the surface has considerable damage. The figure is holding an animal on the right hand and a mace on his left hand. On account of its similarity to some orthostats found in Zincirli it is thought that the creature may have the head of a lion. A date in the second half of the 8th century BCE has been suggested. It is in the inventory of the Gaziantep Archaeology Museum.

B. Balcıoğlu, 2009

Balcıoğlu, B. Gaziantep Arkeoloji Müzesi Geç Hitit Dönemi Taş Eserleri, Gaziantep, 2009: 23.

Image sources:
Burhan Balcıoğlu, 2009.