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Two basalt steles of the Late Hittite style have been found in different occasions near the Gölpınar village of Karaköprü municipality in the province of Sanlıurfa. One of the steles, although upper part is damaged, depict the Storm-god in a typical pose standing on a bull. Its preserved section measures 116 cm in height and 42 cm in width. Back side of the stele is round with a diameter of 30 cm and does not bear any carvings. Second stele shows a protective deity (Stag-god), standing on a stag. With a flat back it is more in the style of an orthostat and the surviving section measures 116 cm by 75 cm with a 20 cm thinkness. They are roughly dated to 10th century BCE.

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F. Kulakoğlu, 1999 T. Bilgin, 2017 T. Bilgin, 2017
F. Kulakoğlu, 1999 T. Bilgin, 2017 T. Bilgin, 2017 B. Bilgin, 2017 B. Bilgin, 2017

Kulakoğlu, F. "Late-Hittite Sculptures from the Şanlıurfa Region," BMECCJ XII, 1999: 167-181 (168-170, 178).

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