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Hunu Lion

The portal lion was foun in 1958 in Hunu village (today Arıtaş) of the Afşin township of Kahramanmaraş province and transferred to the Maraş Museum in 1961. It is about 1.30 m high, 1.60 m long and 0.44 m wide. Lion's face is damaged and the back half appears to have left unfinished. The left side is flat with not details. Although the Hunu village sits on top of an ancient mound, it is uncertain whether the lion originated from the site since no other Neo-Hittite period remains have been observed. A date in 11th to 10th century BCE has been suggested. The lion is on display in Kahramanmaraş Museum.

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Hunu lion - B. Bilgin, 2015 Hunu lion - F. Manuelli, 2019 Hunu lion - F. Manuelli, 2019 Hunu lion - Di Filippo & Manuelli, 2021 (drawing R. Zahler)

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