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Karaçay Storm-god Stele

The stele was found in 1969 during construction work at the village of Karaçay village of Pazarcik township, which is situated about 35 km south of the city of Kahramanmaraş. It is 1.05 m high, 0.58 m wide and 0.25 m thick. The stele depicts Storm-god standing on a bull and holding an axe in the raised right hand. The damaged left hand might have been holding a lightning symbol. Although the top part is damaged, right above the Storm-god, the lower part of a winged sun disk is visible. It may date to 9th-8th centuries BCE. The stele is on display at Kahramanmaraş Museum.

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Storm-God stele from Karaçay - B. Bilgin, 2015

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Image sources:
Bora Bilgin, 2015.