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Kırık Bayır Relief

The fragmental limestone relief was found in 1978 in a locality named Kırık Bayır near the Zurna village (now Bayirli) in the Samsat district of the Adıyaman province and transferred to the Urfa Museum. Since then the site has been flooded by the waters of Atatürk Dam. Preserved piece measures 83 cm in length, 55 cm in height and 17 cm in thickness. The relief shows two soldiers holding spears and behind them a chariot pull by two horses, who are depicted unproportionately smaller than the chariot. At the top is a damaged winged sun-disk. Stylistically it has heavy Assyrian influence. A date contemporary with Sakçagözü, hence in the second half of 8th century BCE has been suggested.

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N. Özgüç, 1986

Özgüç, N. "Two Seal Impressions from Kültepe and the Kırık Bayır Relief," Insight Through Images (Fs Porada), 1986: 197–200 and plts. 39–40.

Image sources:
Nimet Özgüc, 1986.