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Külaflı Tepe

Roughly rectangular basalt block measures about 60 cm in length and width and 37 cm in height. It was found in 2000 in the location known as Külaflı Tepe just a few km north of the Şanlıurfa city center and was purchased by the Şanlıurfa Museum. Although considerably damaged remnants of the reliefs on its sides and the rectangular mortise hole on the top indicates that this was double bull shaped statue (or stele) base similar to those from Kabahaydar, Haçgöz, Arslan Tash, Karkamış. The back side of the base has the last 3-lines of a Hieroglyphic Luwian inscription, beginning of which might have been on the statue/stele that once stood on it. It appears to concern a dedication to the Storm-god. A date in the late 10th to early 9th century BCE has been suggested.

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M. Poetto, 2017 M. Poetto, 2017 M. Poetto, 2017 M. Poetto, 2017 M. Poetto, 2017

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