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Kuşçu-Boyacı Stone Workshop

The rocky outcrop is located to the east of the village of Kuşçu-Boyacı, which lie to the south of the Yamula reservoir on Kızılırmak, about 30 km north of the city of Kayseri. It extends about 4 km in the NW-SE direction. The location is believed to have served as a stone workshop during Neo-Hittite period. There is also a mound to the east of the rocky outcrop. Several figures in relief or incision have been located on the rock surfaces. An incised drawing of male figure with a long tunic and a sword on his belt was first reported in 1989. A three- or four-sign hieroglyphic writing right behind the head of the figure probably identified the person's name, but shortly before a visit by T. Özgüç the figure and the writing was apparently intentionally hammered and heavily destroyed, and of the writing, only the first character pa is recognizable. Probably around 2019-2020 it was completely destroyed as a result of quarrying activities at the site (see the last image below).

Another short Hieroglyphic Luwian inscription appears to mention only a name accompanied by a designation (EGO-wa/i-mi (la?-)na-na-sa wa/i+ra/i-pa-mi-sa, "I am (La?)nana, the skillful(?)"). On account of the characteristic similarities to the inscription from nearby Erkilet, a date in the 8th century BCE has been suggested.

There also lies an unfinished portal lion in a nearby field that is about 1.35 meters in length and 0.86 meter in height.

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The relief of a male prior to damage in 1989 - T. Özgüç, 1993 The relief after damage - A. Özcan & T. Yiğit, 2014 A drawing of the relief by T. Özgüç, 1993 The second inscription - T. Bilgin, 2021 A drawing of the second inscription - A. Özcan & T. Yiğit, 2014 A. Özcan & T. Yiğit, 2014 Unfinished portal lion - T. Bilgin, 2021 Quarrying activities at the site - T. Bilgin, 2021

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