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Malkaya Rock Inscriptions

Malkaya (Mal Kaya, Malkayası) is situated on Emirburnu hill between the villages of Sevdiğin and Yağmurlukale, about 14 km. northwest of Kırşehir. On this flat-topped, roughly rectangular shaped limestone boulder standing alone in a barren pasture, there are somewhat irregularly distributed inscriptions on four sides, and it is not clear if they follow any order and can be classified as graffiti. Parts of the rock suffered heavy damage, but the inscriptions on the north side are a bit longer and somewhat better preserved. Original study on the rock was done by H. Th. Bossert. A more recent treatment of the inscriptions by D. Hawkins and M. Weeden indicates the names of a prince "..-ziti son of Ura-Tarhunda" and a princes "..-parinaya". It should be noted that prince or princess title does not necessarily indicate the child of a king; several Hittite officials, mainly the members of extended royal family, carried such titles. The names are repeated on other sides of the rock. Based on their paleography, the inscriptions are dated to the Empire period. There is extensive damage to the rock by treasure hunters. It was dynamited on several sides, and holes were dug at the base of the rock.

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B. Bilgin, 2009 B. Bilgin, 2009 West and southwest face - H. Ehringhaus, 2005 Detail on the west side - B. Bilgin, 2009 Detail on the northwest side - B. Bilgin, 2009 Detail on the west side - H. Ehringhaus, 2005 Detail on the south side - H. Ehringhaus, 2005 Damage by explosives on the top side - T. Bilgin, 2009 Copy of Malkaya inscriptions - J. D. Hawkins, 2024

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