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Malpınarı Rock Inscriptions

This Late Hittite inscription and relief was first noticed by Mustafa Kalaç in 1979. It is by the Goksu river near Firlaz (Ilicak) village, about 35 km. to the city of Adıyaman. The 9 lines of Luwian inscription is carved on a recessed panel of the rock cliff, about 150 meters north of a spring water known as Malpınarı. Since 2010 the inscription has been completely covered by the waters of a small dam built at the location. The inscription is about 1.8 meters wide and 0.9 meter high.

On the right edge is a worn out full length human figure with long hair and beard that points to Assyrian influence in style. One large and one small holes on the left side have damaged some lines of the inscription. Author of the inscription is Alayaza, the River-Lord of the cities Sarita and Suki(ta), who introduces his master as Hattusili, Ruler, King. Its style is very similar to Boybeypınarı blocks which mentions a Hattusili, son of Suppiluliuma. See also Ancoz 5 which mentions Hattusili and Suppiluliuma. They must have reigned as rulers of the Neo-Hittite Kingdom, Kummuh during first half of the 8th century BCE.

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