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Stele fragment

The limestone stele fragment shows a dining scene. The bearded man is seated in front of a table, holding a cup in his right hand and a wheat stalk and a bunch of grapes in his left hand. Behind him is a small male figure, perhaps representing a servant, holding a palm leave. The stele was probably excavated in a garden in the Mağaralı district of the city of Maraş. It is about 76 cm high and 56 cm wide and estimated to date around the 8th century BCE. Currently on display at Kahramanmaraş Museum.

B. Bilgin, 2015

Orthmann, W. Untersuchungen zur späthethitischen Kunst, Bonn, 1971. (Maraş B/17)

Image sources:
Bora Bilgin, 2015.