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Qal'at el Mudiq

Round topped stele with two lines of hieroglyphic Luwian inscription was excavated in 1937 at Qal'at el Mudiq, the classical Apamea, which lies about 53 km to the northwest of Hama. It is about 1.17 meters high, 70 cm wide and 38 cm thick. Author is Urahilina, son of Parita, king of Hama. Similar to several other inscriptions of this king (see Hama, Restan, Tall Šṭīb) it records the building of "this city" and dedication of the stele to Ba'alatis. Dates to the mid-9th century BCE and currently in Aleppo Museum.

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Qa'lat el Mudiq - J. D. Hawkins, 2000 (photo: H. Gonnet) Qa'lat el Mudiq - J. D. Hawkins, 2000

Hawkins, J. D. Corpus of Hieroglyphic Luwian Inscriptions, Vol 1, Berlin, 2000: 407–9 and plt. 218.

Image sources:
J. David Hawkins, 2000 (photo: H. Gonnet).