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Topada Inscription

This Neo-Hittite period Hieroglyphic Luwian rock inscription is located near the Ağıllı village of Acıgöl (formerly Topada) in Nevşehir province. The inscription is carved on the flattened surface of a rock that sticks out from the eastern face of a rocky wall of about 5-meter high plateau. It consists of 8 lines, all separated by drawn lines. There was also a short, one-line "scribal inscription" to the right of the main one, which was apparently destroyed sometime before 1986. Well preserved inscription is associated with the Neo-Hittite era kingdom of Tabal. It begins as: "[Great K]ing Wasusarma Great King, the Hero, son of the Great King Tuwati, the Hero". It is a commemorative inscription about Wasusarma the King of Tabal, describing political and military events that mainly revolve around a fight against the city of Parzuta. Sivasa, Sultanhanı, Göstesin and Kayseri are other monuments that also mention Wasusarma. Three other kings - Warpalawa (Bor, İvriz, Bulgarmaden), Kiyakiya (Aksaray) and Ruwata - are mentioned as allies of Wasusarma and use of cavalry is mentioned several times. The Tabal King Wasusarma is known from Assyrian sources as Wassurme who was defeated by Tiglath-Pileser III. Thus the monument is dated to the second half of the 8th century BCE.

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View of the Topada monument from a distance across the field - T. Bilgin, 2019 Aerial view of the Topada monument from a distance - T. Bilgin, 2019 View of the Topada monument, partially covered in shadow - T. Bilgin, 2009 View of both of the inscribed surfaces - T. Bilgin, 2019 View of both of the inscribed surfaces - E. Anıl, 2019 View of both of the inscribed surfaces - I. Simon, 2015 Close up of the right side - E. Anıl, 2019 Close up of the left side - I. Simon, 2015 Close up of the left side - E. Anıl, 2019 A drawing of the inscription published by David Hawkins in 2000

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