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Ermenek Relief

The relief is at Bezciler hill which lies to the southeast of the town of Ermenek, Karaman. It was briefly mentioned by Kurt Bittel in 1939 but first detailed study was done by Kay Kohlmeyer. Unfortunately the upper one-third of the relief was severely damaged since Bittel. The relief carved in a niche shows a standing man with a forward stretched arm, wearing a short tunic. It has some similarities to the Karabel relief. Considering the Hittite control of the area during the reign of Muwatalli II and afterwards, suggestion were made for a 13th century BCE dating, however Kohlmeyer thinks due to the damage it is impossible to identify or date the relief anymore. This relief is probably completely destroyed in the late 1980s or early 1990s.

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Ermenek - K. Bittel 1939

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Image sources:
Kurt Bittel, 1939.