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Fasıllar Monument

The Fasıllar monument is a large statue of the Hittite Storm-God, depicted in a mountainous temple, standing above a mountain god between two lions. It is located on the slope of a hill, west of the Fasıllar village of Beyşehir, Konya. The statue is 2.75 meters in width and 8 meters in height. It weighs about 70 tons and made of basalt stone. Its current location is close to its quarry, and this suggests that the statue never made it to its final destination. Certain parts of the monument is carved in more detail and some other parts are in rough shape. Most Hittite monuments are relief type carvings on solid natural rock walls, whereas the Fasıllar monument is carved on a separate rock block. Similarities to the Eflatunpınar figures and the Alacahöyük orthostats point to the time of Tudhaliya IV in the second half of the 13th century BCE.

The pictures in the second row below are from a replica in the Anatolian Civilizations Museum in Ankara.

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T. Bilgin, 2009 E. Anıl, 2009 T. Bilgin, 2009 T. Bilgin, 2009 B. Bilgin, 2009 T. Bilgin, 2009 B. Bilgin, 2009 E. Anıl, 2009 E. Anıl, 2009
T. Bilgin, 2006 T. Bilgin, 2006 T. Bilgin, 2006 T. Bilgin, 2006 T. Bilgin, 2006

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