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Ortaköy (Šapinuva)

Šapinuva is about 3 km south west of the Ortaköy town which is 53 km south east of the city of Çorum. During the empire period, it was one of the most important Hittite cities. The site is being excavated since 1990 under a team headed by Aygül and Mustafa Süel of Ankara University. Among other artifacts it has yielded an archive of about 4000 tablets dating to early 14th century BCE. The ruins of the city is spread out over 9 km2 and includes many building foundations. The artifacts from continuing excavations are exhibited in Çorum Museum.

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C.Süer C.Süer C.Süer C.Süer
Ortakoy Stele, E.Anıl

Image sources:
Ertuğrul Anıl, Bora Bilgin, Cüneyt Süer, Ercüment Süer, 2011