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Suratkaya Inscriptions

In year 2000, a group of lightly carved Hieroglyphic Luwian inscriptions was discovered on the back wall of a rock shelter by archaeologist Anneliese Peschlow-Bindokat. The location known as Suratkaya is about 1000 meter high in the Beþparmak Mountain (ancient Latmos), near the lake of Latmos (ancient Gulf of Latmos). There are 6 groups of signs distributed over a 12 by 4 meter rock surface. The left most group of the signs mentions the Land of Mira, while others appear to be names of some princes. The largest and the most clear one of the signs is the 5th group which includes the unusual title "Great Prince" (MAGNUS.REX.FILIUS) which is not encountered anywhere else. Its implications and the reading of the title bearer's name (Ku-x-ya) remains uncertain.

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T. Bilgin, 2012 T. Bilgin, 2012 Groups 2–4 - T. Bilgin, 2012 Group 2 - T. Bilgin, 2012 Group 3 - T. Bilgin, 2012 Group 4 - T. Bilgin, 2012 Group 5 - T. Bilgin, 2012

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Tayfun Bilgin, 2012.