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Tell Açana

Tell Açana (Tell Atchana) is the modern name of the ancient site of Alalakh. It has come under Hittite occupation during the reign of Suppiluliuma I from 14th century till its destruction in 12th century. The site also has rich findings from pre-Hittite period. The orthostat of Tudhaliya was found reused as a paving stone in the staircase of a later era temple. Most recent reading of the worn out inscriptions identify the two figures as "Tudhaliya, Great Priest, Prince" and "Ašnu-Hepa, Princess," who are suggested to be contemporaries of king Mursili II (Yener, Dinçol, Peker, NABU 2014-4). This identification dates the orthostat to sometime around late 14th-early 13th century BCE. Orthostat and the gate lions are currently in Antakya Museum.

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Orthostat of Tudhaliya - K. Bittel, 1976 Orthostat of Tudhaliya - E. Anıl, 2010 Gate lions - B. Bilgin, 2006 Gate lion - E. Anıl, 2010

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