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This limestone block was discovered at the Karakuyu village of Torbalı in İzmir province in 2007. It depicts the relief of a male figure holding a spear and carrying a bow but the surving piece shows only a part of the lower body of the figure. Dimentions of the block is about 1.3 meter in height and 1 meter in width although originnal must have been at least twice the current size. The right side of the block also has a rather damaged remains of a Luwian inscription, reading of which remains under discussion. The stele is currently in İzmir Archeological Museum.

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photo: E. Ünlü photo: M. Gander photo: M. Gander photo: M. Gander Inscription - Işık et al, 2011 Inscription - R. Oreshko, 2013

Işık, F., M. Atıcı and R. Tekoğlu, "Die Nachhethitische Königsstele von Karakuyu beim Karabel-Pass," in E. Schwertheim (ed.),
      Studien zum antiken Kleinasien VII 2011: 1-33, Tables 1-11.
Oreshko, R. "Hieroglyphic Inscriptions of Western Anatolia," in Luwian Identities (CHANE 64), 2013: 345-420 (373-86).

Image sources:
Evren Ünlü, 2009
Max Gander, 2012
Işık et al. 2011