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Yalburt Hittite Pool

This monument is located in a summer meadow named Yalburt about 23 km northwest of the town of Ilgżn in the province of Konya. The site was discovered in 1970 during a utility project when a bulldozer was cleaning a hillside. Between 1970 and 1975 the site was excavated and the structure was restored to current condition by Raci Temizer, the director of the Anatolian Civilizations Museum.

The 13 by 8 meters rectangular shaped structure was originally a pool. It no longer has water, since the waters of feeding springs have been diverted to nearby villages. On the top row of its walls there is a line of 20 limestone blocks with a Hieroglyphic Luwian inscription on their inward facing sides. They surround the South, West, and North sides of the pool. It is not clear whether the fourth, Eastern side ever had similar blocks. The aedicula of King Tudhaliya IV with its winged sun is clearly visible in the first block of the script. Most of the blocks were found reused in secondary context in later era structures around the vicinity of the pool. Restored positions of the blocks do seem to be entirely correct and several blocks are apparently missing as well. As has been shown by Poetto and Hawkins, blocks 1, 16 and 10 are quite likely to be the first three blocks of the inscription but nothing is certain for the rest. The inscription introduces Tudhaliya (IV) and describes his campaign. The monument was possibly a pool or reservoir similar to other water monuments of the Hittites, such as Eflatunpżnar.

As of August 2019 the monument is in deplorable condition. The pool area is filled with even more debris; the northern wall has been buried below dirt; block 6 has been broken into pieces; previously fallen blocks 18 and 19 are no longer visible, hopefully only buried below the debris (see the last row of pictures below). It is hoped that the site will come other protection of authorities with restoration and landscaping, perhaps also the replacement of inscribed blocks with replicas before they suffer further damage.

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Yalburt Hittite Pool - H. Ehringhaus, 2005 South Wall - H. Ehringhaus, 2005 West Wall - H. Ehringhaus, 2005 East Wall - H. Ehringhaus, 2005
South, west, and north wall blocks respectively by H. Ehringhaus
block 1 block 2 block 3 block 4 block 5
block 6 block 7 block 8 block 9 block 10
block 11 block 12 block 13 block 14 block 15 block 16 block 17 block 18 and 19
Yalburt Pool in June 2011
Yalburt - C. SŁer, 2011 General view - C. SŁer, 2011 South wall - E. Anżl, 2011 North wall - E. Anżl, 2011
South, west, and north wall blocks
block 1 - C. SŁer, 2011 block 2 - C. SŁer, 2011 block 3 - C. SŁer, 2011 block 4 - C. SŁer, 2011 block 5 - C. SŁer, 2011
block 6 - C. SŁer, 2011 block 7 - C. SŁer, 2011 block 8 - C. SŁer, 2011 block 9 - C. SŁer, 2011 block 10 - C. SŁer, 2011
block 11 - B. Bilgin, 2011 block 12 - C. SŁer, 2011 block 13 - C. SŁer, 2011 block 14 - C. SŁer, 2011 block 15 - C. SŁer, 2011 block 16 - C. SŁer, 2011 block 17 - C. SŁer, 2011 block 18 and 19 - C. SŁer, 2011
August 2019
T. Bilgin, 2019 T. Bilgin, 2019 Damaged block 6 - E. Anżl, 2019 Blocks 18 and 19 are no longer visible - T. Bilgin, 2019

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Yalburt Yaylasż Archaeological Landscape Research Project
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