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SÜDBURG Inscription of Suppiluliuma (BOĞAZKÖY 21)

The inscription is inscribed in relief style on seven blocks on the side wall of the so-called Chamber 2. Most of the blocks that form this room were found in 1988 as reused in later period structures and were consequently restored by a team under Peter Neve. The Great King Suppiluliuma mentioned in the inscription is likely to be Suppiluliuma II, the last king of the Hittite state. Some scholars also suggested identifying him with the earlier Suppiluliuma I on account of some archaic features of the inscription. Inscription relates the successful military campaigns of this king mainly in Western Anatolian lands. In the last sentence the king mentions building a divine earth-road which has led to interpretations that the structure was used for ritualistic purposes as a sacred and symbolic entrance to the underworld.

BOĞAZKÖY 21, SÜDBURG Inscription of Suppiluliuma - C. Süer, 2011 BOĞAZKÖY 21, SÜDBURG Inscription of Suppiluliuma - J. D. Hawkins, 1995

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