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Hemite Rock Relief

The rock relief is located very close to the village of Hemite (also called Hamide), about 75 km northeast of the city of Adana. About 1.75 meter high relief is carved on a rock cliff right by the Ceyhan River, facing east. It was first noted by H. Bossert in 1946 but the first detailed study was done by Alfonso Archi. It displays a great similarity to Hanyeri relief. The left facing warrior holds a lance in his right hand, and carries a bow over the left shoulder. Over the short skirt hangs diagonally a sword with a crescent-shaped hilt. He also has the other usual elements, the round cap, ear ring and the pointy shoes. The two-line inscription next to the figure is read as "Prince ...-Tarhunta, son of Prince Tarhunta-...".

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