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Inscription of Suhi II

Limestone orthostat from the Long Wall. The six-line inscription narrates the king's military achievements and commemorates his raising of the city. Dates to 10th century BCE.

End of the 4th line:
When I came forth
I myself made this assemblage of the gods,
and this potent Tarhunza, I made stand,
and with him I made these gods stand.
And for myself my statue I[...

The last row includes the depictions of severed hands and heads of vanquished enemy soldiers, which might be an Assyrian influence. Display of severed heads as an image of victory and slaughter of prisoners is a native Assyrian practice, not encountered in previous era Hittite depictions (E. Akurgal, The Hattian and Hittite Civilization). Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, Ankara.